What will I pay for this and will it be reimbursed?


You might think that these state-of-the-art dental braces are much more expensive than the traditional ones. If you do, think again. Especially the technique fees (what you pay for the plan and aligners) are decisive.

What’s of great benefit to you is that Felix & Bellus is a fully dedicated aligner-only practice. Because of this, we have the highest status within Invisalign® as a “Diamond practitioner”. This is why we can offer you a 46% discount on technique fees. This saves you a lot of costs on the total treatment.

In addition, it also makes a difference that you only have to come for a check-up once every 8 weeks. This allows us to offer the treatment for rates that are equal or even lower than traditional brackets. We believe that treatment with aligners should be accessible to everyone.

We are transparent about the costs.
The cost of a complete intake is € 297. Included in this price is 3D scan, X-rays, light photos and digital treatment plan. At the intake consultation you pay only € 84.
The price of the aligner treatment is between € 2.500 and € 3.100. If a more complex treatment is necessary, then the estimated cost can be up to € 600 higher. The price includes technique costs, periodic consultations, placement, and removal of the attachments and night braces to preserve your end result.


The costs are not high for renewed and healthy teeth, but still quite substantial. We get that. However, for both teenagers and adults, part of the costs can be reimbursed by the insurer.

We also offer you the option of paying in installments. This is possible with invoices from €50,-. Feel free to inquire about the conditions, we are happy to explain it.

Reimbursement for orthodontics from the age of 18 is usually covered if you have an extensive additional package. Usually, no payments are made out of the basic insurance. The criteria that health insurers use are quite strict.

If you opt for an additional package, pay attention to this;

  • The maximum reimbursement;
  • What is or is not reimbursed by the insurer;
  • A possible personal contribution;
  • The additional conditions of the insurance;
  • Any waiting time;
  • Percentage of the compensation;
  • The monthly premium

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