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Your transparent braces for a straight and healthy smile. All this in the city center of Eindhoven


At Felix & Bellus we offer you something very special; a renewed faith in your own smile. The almost invisible braces from Invisalign® are not only suitable for all ages, but can do so much more than traditional dental braces. Due to the extensive options, your teeth will not only become more aligned, but more healthy too. This leads to better oral hygiene and less chance of cavities, infections and other problems. With the latest techniques, the best dentists and our skilled staff you will have a unique experience. We’ll guide you to the most beautiful and healthiest (dental) version of yourself.


Tell me more about the transparent braces


Before we dive into the treatment, we’ll start with some general information. Because, what is Invisalign® and what are aligners? Invisalign® is a virtually invisible dental brace that dentists and orthodontists use to align your teeth. This transparent dental brace is made of layered plastic that you slide over your teeth like a cover.

Aligning your teeth is done with a series of aligners that are removable. You wear the aligners for a week and you replace them for a new set yourself. This way, your teeth and molars are brought to the ideal position, step by step.

There are no threads or hooks, so you don’t have to change the way you brush and floss. You can keep eating all your favourite foods because you’ll take them off before you start eating or drinking.

Weren’t we talking about the latest techniques? How about an extensive 3D scan where we can give you a sneak preview of your new smile? We do this with the help of the Itero mouth scanner. It’s very futuristic and pretty cool!


  • Invisalign® is suitable for almost everyone with adult teeth. Teenagers, adults; everybody!
  • With ‘Invisalign First’ we can pre-treat young children (9/10 years old). Even if they are still changing teeth. Want to know more? Just give us a call.
  • Invisalign® is transparant so very esthetic. A big plus for both teenagers and adults.
  • It’s comfortable, does not hurt as much as the traditional dental braces and has less influence on speech or brushing habits.
  • Because you take it off while eating, drinking and brushing, it is a lot more hygienic (and therefore healthier) than traditional dental braces.
  • The treatment is more time effective and you don’t have to visit the practice as often (once every eight weeks).
  • Worldwide, more than 10 million (!) people have been successfully treated with Invisalign® braces.


  1. First, light photos, X-rays and a 3D scan of your teeth are taken. Based on those results, we make a treatment plan.
  2. After the treatment plan (and an agreement on it, we order the aligners.
  3. Once the aligners arrived, we make an appointment so that we can place the first aligners together.
  4. During the treatment you will come for a check-up every eight weeks. After the first set of aligners is completed, we will deliberate if further treatment is needed to optimize the results.
  5. After treatment, teeth always tend to return to their old position. That’s just the way they are. We solve this problem with a splint and / or retainer (night brace).

Pssst… do you want to know what this treatment can do for you? Check out this Invisalign® tool, and see the possible end result.


What will I pay for this and will it be reimbursed?


You might think that these state-of-the-art dental braces are much more expensive than the traditional ones. If you do, think again. The number of check-ups is lower and you have more personal responsibility and influence. So in some cases the price difference compared to tradional treatments are manageable. In the end it’s up to you to decide whether the benefits are worth it.

The price for an Invisalign® treatment is between € 2,600 and € 3,350. The price depends on the amount of aligners and time that is needed to achieve the end result you want. We ensure a dentally responsible end result. The price includes the 3D scan, X-rays, digital photos, treatment plan, technique costs, all consultations, placement and removal of the attachments and 3 sets of retention brackets of the Invisalign brand (night braces).


The costs are not high for renewed and healthy teeth, but still quite substantial. We get that. However, for both teenagers and adults, part of the costs can be reimbursed by the insurer.

Reimbursement for orthodontics from the age of 18 is usually covered if you have an extensive additional package. Usually, no payments are made out of the basic insurance. The criteria that health insurers use are quite strict.

If you opt for an additional package, pay attention to this;

  • The maximum reimbursement;
  • What is or is not reimbursed by the insurer;
  • A possible personal contribution;
  • The additional conditions of the insurance;
  • Any waiting time;
  • Percentage of the compensation;
  • The monthly premium

What’s a big plus for you (and your new smile), is that Felix & Bellus is one of the first fully dedicated aligner-only practice. As a result, we have the highest “treatment status” within Invisalign®, giving you a whopping 46% discount on technology costs. This saves you, as a patient, quite a lot of money.

make the dream work

Teamwork at the heart of Eindhoven


At Felix & Bellus, there’s nog a typical ‘going to the dentist vibe’ going on. We have done everything we can to make you feel welcome as a patient and to really take care of you. We believe that the journey to your most beautiful smile can (and must!) be a pleasant one.

The management, the practitioners and the assistants all have one clear goal in mind. To let you shine again. This goal is reflected in our communication, our practice and working method. Getting curious, are you? Click on the images of the practice and our team and you will know exactly what we’re talking about.


Nienke van Vilsteren

You may have already spoken to this ray of sunshine. This hard-working enthusiast makes the best coffee in Eindhoven and makes the tastiest cakes. Her CV also says “pastry chef”. Go figure! When she exercises, it’s with dedication. The frequency could be higher, though ;). The same goes for socialising with friends. Nienke sits at the desk, is your hostess and arranges all appointments.

Asena Akan

You don’t get Asena rattled quickly. She’s solid as a rock and keeps her calm. She dreams of working independently at the dental chair and prefers to bear as much responsibility as possible. Oh yes, she’s also attending a study of applied psychology on the side. Impressive!

Sofie Cornelis

dentist specialised in orthodontics

Sofie has 21 years of experience in orthodontics and specialises in Invisalign treatments. She is patient in her work and enjoys the love and chaos of her three sons at home. She never turns down a good (board)game and is a ski slope fanatic.

Hans Tempel

dentist and periodontist

Hans has been a loyal Invisalign practitioner since 2007. He has a passion for digital dentistry. Example? He’s been using a digital scanner since 1994. He loves France and life. Just like us. He never gives up and keeps going until it’s perfect. Just like us.

Angelika Peerbooms

When she sets her mind to something, she’ll get it done. Not only for herself but, with the same passion, for you. She ensures that your questions about Invisalign or Felix & Bellus are answered. This way you know exactly what to expect from the treatment. With an eye for detail, serious when necessary and an unadulterated southern spirit.

What our clients think of us


Read what patients think of
us on GOOGLE reviews!


Read what patients think of
us on GOOGLE reviews!


Read what patients think of
us on GOOGLE reviews!


Read what patients think of
us on GOOGLE reviews!


Read what patients think of
us on GOOGLE reviews!


Read what patients think of
us on GOOGLE reviews!


Read what patients think of
us on GOOGLE reviews!


Read what patients think of us on GOOGLE reviews!

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